The French Kissing
by Kristin Harmel
The best kisses are the ones you don't expect, so the world's most stylish women always stay ready for romance with French Kiss Gum.

In Kristin Harmel's fourth Bridget Jones-esque novel, THE ART OF FRENCH KISSING (Hachette Book Group), the main character, Emma, is just that kind of kiss-ready woman! THE ART OF FRENCH KISSING is the laugh-out-loud, heartfelt tale of what happens when Emma decides to make over her life (with somewhat disastrous results) in Paris, the most romantic city in the world. Along the way, she solicits the help of a Brit who collects wacky self-help books, and she crosses paths with a handsome rock star (who might just be clinically insane)
and an annoyingly adorable reporter who seems determined to destroy the rocker's reputation. It's delightful, madcap fun from the novelist who Cosmopolitan magazine calls "hilarious." Kristin's novels have been translated into numerous languages and are sold all over the world.

"The Art of French Kissing is like a bottle of champagne: overflowing with bubbly fun, filled with delicious romance and madcap adventures, and, toujours, intoxicating with the magic of Paris," says Julia Holden, the author of the novel One Dance in Paris. "You'll drink it down in one glamorous gulp." And make sure that you're always kiss-ready – just like Kristin and her main character, Emma – with French Kiss gum from Therabreath!
The French Kissing The French Kissing
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